A little over 24 hours ago, NSR engaged the public through our friends in the local media, through our own social media, and through the assistance of Highway Thru Hell’s social media. In that time we have received an amazing amount of public assistance and participation in the search for Thomas Billings. Every lead is being looked at and every share has spread the word just a little further. Due to this specific effort, today we received a credible tip from two hikers who may have seen Tom on November 25 in Lynn Headwaters. This tip is a huge help in that it:

  1. Allows for official reactivation of the search efforts
  2. Gives us a focused search area in which to perform methodical ground and air searches

Prior to this, we were working on a point last seen in Vancouver, with no definite destination, other than some indication he was going hiking on the North Shore and the fact that he was wearing hiking boots. Today, we are hopeful this possible sighting will put us at least into the ballpark. What does this mean for our video and photo search efforts? The current videos are still in the search area, and further videos will be uploaded. So, we are asking for the public to keep looking and watching this site and the social media for further releases.

While using GoPro footage in a search is not novel, we have engaged industry experts who are dealing with the video collection and uploading (Mark Miller and his team from Highway thru Hell). We are also taking hi resolution photos, which will be made available at a future date, since our priority is still anomaly identification in videos. Rest assured, NSR members are using the photos to check leads for now.

As you will have likely seen, the search area is large and the terrain rough. We hope that the public will continue to engage with us, and help us try and find Tom Billings.

Thank you, and stay tuned.

Talon Helicopter on it is way back to YVR after Rescue

Stock Photo