North Shore Rescue was called out by West Vancouver Police at approx 300 pm to rescue two female snowshoers caught in bad weather and lost near St Marks Summit. This peak is north of Cypress Provinicial Park. The subjects were able to give accurate GPS coordinates from their IPhone. A two man NSR team was scrambled in a Talon Helicopter to the coordinates. The helicopter spotted the subjects and got within 20 of feet of landing when forced back by weather. However the subjects were confirmed to be at that location and ground based ski teams were vectored in to the subjects location. The subjects made a good call on this as the weather changed and snow fall had covered their tracks and the trail was not easy to follow. The subjects were also relatively well equipped and stayed very calm during this whole task which made it easier to locate and rescue them.

Great support from Cypress Resorts for providing sled support!!!!


Submitted by: Tim Jones