The last week has been a busy one, so here is a quick summary.

Thursday, September 8th

A  young female fell on Seymour hit her head and became unconscious. BCAS was able to get to her location and package the patient. NSR flew in and long-lined the subject in our aerial-rescue-platform (ARP) to the waiting air ambulance in the Seymour parking lot. She was treated in children’s hospital for a number of days in critical care for a severe concussion.



NSR hiked down the Suicide Gully cache to restock the equipment for winter. Saturday night was our annual BBQ.



NSR was tasked to assist in a mutual aid call in the Golden Ears area for a missing hiker. Later that day Maple Ridge requested HFRS assistance from NSR. NSR flew up to Golden Ears and long-lined the subject (who had been missing for over 24 hours) and 3 rescuers out of terrain below the West ridge of Golden Ears.


Sunday Night

NSR was requested to assist in an urban search for a 16 year old male.



NSR was requested to assist in the evacuation of a 60 year old female in anaphylactic shock in Lions Bay. BCAS and Fire were called to assist the subject after she was stung by a bee. The subject became unconscious and required artificial respiration for approximately 5 minutes. NSR was called in to long line the subject out. She regained consciousness and was long lined out shortly after. She was then transferred immediately to a waiting ambulance in Lions Bay.

Monday night – NSR was requested to assist in a search for a missing elderly person in North Vancouver. The subject was found a few hours later.

And Tuesday Night….

Was the start of our training season! Welcome to the new recruits!