This Sunday NSR was requested to locate and extract a group of lost hikers on Grouse Mountain. The hiking party was located near a scree slope on the south face of the mountain via helicopter. This scree slope is near the BCMC trail. One of the hikers was assessed by the team doctor and found to have a minor ankle injury. The injured hiker and companions were then evacuated via helicopter longline back to the Capilano SAR station.

Concurrently, NSR received a call for a missing female hiker on Black Mountain near Cypress Bowl. She had become separated from her hiking group. Ground crews were immediately dispatched to the scene and initiated a search with the assistance of BC Parks rangers. After the Grouse call had concluded, air assets were directed over to Black Mountain were the subject had still not been located. Shortly there after she was located and also evacuated via helicopter longline to the Cypress Bowl parking lot. Great team work with BC Parks and excellent flying by Talon Helicopters pilot Derek Riendeau.

A note of caution to outdoor enthusiasts: there is still a lot of snow on the local mountains. The upper trail systems can be very difficult to follow and there is a risk of slipping and falling. Make sure you are very familiar with the route you are taking, take the 10 essentials, and tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back.

Video from Black Mountain Helicopter Extraction

CTV Video Footage and Story

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