(Posted on behalf of Tim Jones)

As the Operational Search Manager for the search of snow boarder Jamie Martin who was lost on Mt. Seymour for 3 nights, I would like to sincerely thank the many organizations and individuals who assisted our team in his successful rescue

  • Talon Helicopters
  • RCMP Air Section
  • North Vancouver RCMP
  • Mt. Seymour Resorts
  • Lions Bay Search and Rescue
  • Coquitlam Search and Rescue
  • Metro Vancouver
  • Canadian Avalanche Dog Rescue Association
  • Canadian Avalanche Center Forecasters
  • BC Parks
  • Provincial Emergency Program

As it happens many times in major stories such as this, the efforts of so many are unintentionally overlooked. On behalf of all the members of North Shore Rescue we sincerely appreciate your involvement and support.
Tim Jones
Team Leader
North Shore Rescue