On Saturday NSR was proud to participate in the Tim Jones Ride for Rescue put on by the Rotary Club. Many supporters of our team from the community took to their bikes to venture up Cypress Mountain. NSR had members both participate in the race and provide medical support to the riders. This year, funds donated to NSR will go to the Tim Jones Legacy Fund supporting team operations into the future.

We would like to thank the race organizers, the many riders/clubs, the generous sponsors, and all of the local politicians (MP Andrew Saxton, MP John Weston, MLA Jane Thornthwaite, MLA Jordan Sturdy, Mayor Richard Walton and Mayor Michael Smith) that participated in and supported this race.

For more information on the race and the amazing sponsors, please visit http://www.rotaryrideforrescue.org/

One of Tim’s dreams was sustainable and predictable funding for SAR. Funding for SAR is based on grants and public donations which are extremely important to our operations, but can be somewhat unpredictable. This results in a peaks and valleys of funding. The idea of the legacy fund is to reduce the stress on volunteers and fill in the Valley’s. This fund is managed by the West Vancouver Community Foundation.

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